Vanessa Matsunaga Considers the Philippines as Her Home

When Erich Gonzales’ confirmed that she and model Daniel Matsunaga have called it quits, Daniel’s sister Vanessa Matsunaga has posted a long comment on Instagram.

Vanessa defended her brother Daniel. She wished Erich had more clearly addressed a question on whether or not money was the cause of their breakup, saying that people were speculating about whether their family owed Erich money or that Erich was spending on them.

Vanessa has a friendly and charming personality that made everyone appreciate her.

She can approach each person in a room and introduce herself with a smile.

Vanessa and Daniel have a Japanese dad. They were born and raised in Brazil.

They have a pure Brazilian mom. Their childhood years were spent in the colorful South American country.

While she was growing up, everyone expected her to be a doctor.

Although, she, too, wanted to become one, the studying takes too long and she didn’t want that, Vanessa said.

She and brother Daniel took a leap of faith and dipped their toes in modeling.

When Vanessa was 18 and Daniel was 16, they moved out of their home in Brazil and began modeling in other countries.

The siblings found a home in the Philippines after filling up four passport with stamps over 20 countries, even though they have zero Filipino blood.

It was a big decision to make, because a number of uncertainties came with it.

But Vanessa knew that she and Daniel had a purpose here in the country.

Living in the country meant having to learn the language, as well.

Vanessa admits that she learned Tagalog from her yaya.

At first, they were just conversing using signs and signals.

When asked how she finds living in the Philippines, Vanessa beamed and said that everyone is so nice to her.

When they want to say something, they just say it. Filipinos are more friendly and kind, Vanessa said.

Vanessa met her husband Jun Sunga here in the country, as well. She is a model and he is a photographer.

They were bound to cross paths. Married for three years now, they have built a family with their pet dogs and birds.