Gerald Anderson’s Expensive Gift to Maja Salvador on Valentines Day

If you’re an in-demand star, money is easy and it comes regularly.

One endorsement can actually earn an actor a minimum of a seven-digit fee.

Take note that Sharon Cuneta, one of the highest paid product endorsers earns 8-15 Million per endorsement.

So it’s no surprise that they can afford to be very generous.

Four years ago, Gerald Anderson’s gift to Maja Salvador on their first Valentine together is a chopper ride to Tagaytay that cost the actor roughly 150,000 pesos.

Aside from lunch in Antonio’s, the helicopter package came with ‘a bouquet of roses, a cuddly bear, and Belgian chocolates for the lady, plus, a bottle of champagne.

Pretty fancy for a one-day occasion, right?

Valentine’s Day or not, some actresses has received gifts that are truly extravagant.

Meanwhile, Anderson and Salvador ended their relationship sometime last year after more than two years of being together.

Gerald is now dating actress Bea Alonzo.

Anderson and Alonzo were in a short-lived relationship before in 2010 but the couple reconnected after they worked together on the movie ‘How to Be Yours’ last year.