‘Baste’ Reminds Pres. Rodrigo Duterte Regarding ‘Love Affair’ with Ellen Adarna

Some days ago, President Rodrigo Duterte expressed annoyance with his youngest son ‘Baste’ for staying away from home for too long.

Baste does not go home anymore and he is always with Adarna.
The President refers to actress Ellen Adarna, whom Baste had been seeing for the past few months.

The President’s grandchildren by Baste have become bitter about their father’s absence.

It is a tragedy for Duterte to hear Baste’s children, said that they only love their mother.

In a Facebook post, Baste said he really loved being his father’s favorite son.

In response to his father, Baste did not talk about his children, but he asked Duterte to just ‘take it easy’ or
‘chill lang Pa,’ he said.

He also reminded the President that he and Adarna had already broke up in December and that Baste had even told his father about the split last December yet.

Baste looks up to his father with the keenness of a son whose many life lessons were learned from the latter.

The greatest of all the lessons he learned from President Duterte is humility.

He said that his father is a humble man and he means well.

Baste, as he is known by everyone, describes his relationship with his father as normal and typical, there is no problem between the two of them.

He lets go of a big smile when he talks about his childhood.

If you do wrong, you will be punished, if you do something good there is a reward, Baste ended.

Sebastian or Baste is the president’s youngest son with former wife Elizabeth Zimmerman.