What Qualities Zanjoe Marudo Looks in a Girl?

Zandro Marudo bought two tickets for a date to the concert show of British rock band Coldplay in April.

Zandro still did not know whom to give the other one to but hopes to meet her in time for the show.

He has been single since he and Bea Alonzo broke up in January 2016.

Bea is now currently dating Gerald Anderson despite breaking up in the past.

Zanjoe said that he will not end up up going with a guy friend to the concert.

The actor cannot force it, he actually enjoys being single. He does not go on date but he does no feel lonely.

He thinks that he’ll finally meet her soon and the idea excites him. This will happen this year, Zanjoe said.

He hardly has time to socialize outside work because he is always at the studio or on location so it’s a slim idea that he can meet somebody outside showbiz.

When asked what qualities he looks for a girl? He has to feel that connection and the magic. He cannot explain through words. He will know it’s her when he starts acting like a lovestruck high schooler, Zanjoe explained.

As to the on going romance between Bea and Gerald, Zanjoe said he is also happy to see the actress looking so happy. That is what they want for each other.

He is sure Bea also wishes the same thing for him. They have remained good friends.

Zanjoe will be paired with Bela Padilla, whom he described as someone ‘passionate about her craft,’ in TV series ‘My Dear Heart.’

Their characters start as best friends and love eventually develops between them, that’s why they have a good relationship.

Bela said she feels blessed to be offered one of the lead roles along with Zanjoe and new child star Nayomi Ramos.

Dreamscape was offering Bela two shows and they made her choose which one she wanted to do first and she told them to choose for her whichever they thought was best for her.

‘My Dear Heart’ also stars Connie Reyes, Eric Quizon, Susan Africa, Robert Arevallo, Joey Marquez, Rio Locsin, Ria Atayde and Sandino Martin.