Albert Martinez is Thinking of Tying the Knot Again?

Liezl Sumilang Martinez died in her sleep last March 14 at the Medical City in Pasig City, after a long batter with cancer and was only 47 years old.

Some months after his wife Liezl lost her battle to cancer, actor Albert Martinez admitted that he has thought about marrying again.

However, he also has to consider how his children would feel in case he ties the knot again.

Sometimes it crossed his mind but what if he gets married, how will his kids accept the woman he marries?

There are women who are showing interest to him now that he’s ‘single,’ Martinez said his situation is very hard.

He must balance everything because he can treat women before as friends but now it is different because he must be very careful.

He still thinks of his late wife most of the time, Liezl is 80% of his life.

To help him ease his longing for Liezl, Albert said he enjoys spending time with his children, who are all young adults now.

Liezl was the daughter of veteran actors Amalia Fuentes and Romeo ‘Bobby’ Vasquez, she is also the cousin of Aga Muhlach, Nino Muhlach and Arlene Muhlach.

Born Anna Lisa Sumilang on March 27, 1967, Liezl started acting at a young age.

She was known for her movies Portrait of an Angel (1971), Poor Little Rich Girl (1972), and Liezl at ang 7 Hoods (1971).

She eloped with actor Albert, when her mother objected to their relationship.

Liezl was supposed to be launched in a movie when they decided to run away to the United States where they stayed for years.

They had children, Alyanna, Alfonso and Alyssa.

Liezl and Albert returned to the Philippines eventually, and both of them went back to revive their showbiz careers.

She finally retired from acting and became contented with being a wife and mother.