Maxine Medina Has Poor English Language Skills?

The language trainer of Miss Universe Philippines Maxine Medina took to social media.

This is in relation to his disappointment with the online bashing that the beauty queen gets because of her poor English language skills.

The bashing began on Tuesday, when netizens noticed Medina’s grammatical errors while she was speaking to the media during a press conference. This aired on a Facebook live by Bb. Pilipinas (Official).

Some netizens commented that Medina may ace the competition with her beauty, but she may flunk the question and answer portion because of her poor English skills.

Meanwhile, Medina’s supporters defended her by claiming that the Miss Universe pageant is a beauty contest, and not an oratorical competition.

Mark Arthur Payumo Abalos, an English language training specialist who claims to have worked closely with Medina, said in a Facebook post that Medina has improved well during their seven-month training.

He said that ‘Maxine has improved a lot, she is hardworking and she’s doing her best to become a better version of herself, he wrote.

As a language trainer, Abalos lectured on the possible difficulties in mastering a second language.

He even cited his study, which focused on the attitudes of Filipino English language learners, for reference.
He feels bad because of the online bashing that is happening at the moment.

It is not something new to him but just to give you a different perspective on the matter, his research (Abalos, 2012) on attitudes of Filipino English language learners show that the interpersonal, sociolinguistic, and sociocultural contexts have to do with how individuals communicate.

Situations may be viewed negatively by people who are not completely aware of the process of acquiring and learning a second language in formal and informal learning environments.

He, thus, pleaded with netizens to stop comparing Medina’s communication and language skills with previous candidates, since it is normal that as a non-native English speaker she might commit errors.

Errors are normal. Even first language speakers of English commit mistakes, too.

At the end of the day, it’s just a beauty contest. Maxine will still be beautiful.

She’ll still be designing interiors. She has a beautiful life ahead. How about you? he added.

He urged critics to change their ways and support Medina instead. After all, she is carrying the name of the Philippines in the 65th Miss Universe pageant.

Medina and other beauty queens from different parts of the globe will face one another on January 30 at the Mall of Asia Arena for the coronation night.

Model Marx Topacio admitted that he feels even more nervous than his girlfriend, Maxine Medina, as the Miss Universe pageant nears.

Medina, who is representing the Philippines in the upcoming Ms. Universe pageant.

Despite this, Topacio, who was awarded Top Male Model of the Philippines in 2016, is confident that his girlfriend will do well in the prestigious beauty contest.

Medina is hoping for a back-to-back win for the Philippines in the Miss Universe pageant, following the victory of Pia Wurtzbach in 2015.

He addresses those who keep on criticizing his girlfriend, Topacio said: ‘Just wait and see.’

The 65th Miss Universe coronation will be held at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City on January 30, but pre-pageant activities will kick off as early as January 13.

Topacio said he understands the intense preparation that Medina has been doing for the pageant, which meant less time for dates and quick getaways.

Even if he is busy with his own work, the model said he always makes an effort to be there for Medina, even in his own little ways.

When asked of the couple’s plans after the Miss Universe pageant, Topacio replied: “Actually, we want her to focus to the pageant only. He has plans in his mind but for now, they will see what happens.

Topacio went on to remind his girlfriend not to be too hard on herself and just enjoy the competition.

‘Always remember that we’re just here to support you and we’re just a text or call away.’