Bea Alonzo & Gerald Anderson are Officially Back Together

Gerald Anderson got the approval of rumored girlfriend Bea Alonzo’s family.

Anderson could be seen spending time with the actress’ family and even posed for a photo with Alonzo, her mother, brother and step father.

Alonzo and Anderson were also photographed alongside his friends and their respective partners, sparkling rumors that they are officially back together.

Both stars rekindled their past romance after doing their 2016 Star Cinema movie ‘How To Be Yours.’

The two dated for several months in 2010 but things didn’t end up well.

Alonzo described the early romance as ‘you and me against the world.’

She said it was not an ideal situation to be in a relationship even though Anderson broke up with ex-girlfriend Kim Chiu three months before he courted her.

Their love wasn’t enough. It was a hard situation and the timing was not good.

Alonzo and Anderson started dating again this year.