Enchong Dee Wants a Relationship After Leaving Showbiz

Enchong Dee wishes to fall in love again when he is no longer in show business.

His close friends know that he does not want to stay in showbiz for a longer time.

He’s thinking and planning to be not on this business for too long, he added.

Explaining why he does not want to have a relationship while he is in showbiz, Dee said: He loves his work more than anything else. That was what happened last time.

Dee was referring to his previous relationship with model Samantha Lewis.

Despite this, Dee is not closing his doors on the possibility of finding love while still in the entertainment industry.

It was last May when Dee confirmed his split with Lewis.

Enchong Dee revealed that he used to have a crush on Maja Salvador, who is now one of his very good friends in the industry.

Asked if she ever felt the same for Dee, Salvador said:

She feels fortunate to have Dee in her life because he always looks after his friends.

Despite his attraction to Salvador, Dee said he decided not to court the actress.

Dee also explained why people should not misinterpret his closeness with Salvador.

It’s just the same thing how he treats with his other friends like Bea (Alonzo), Kim (Chiu), etc.