Why Bea Alonzo & Gerald Anderson Keep Secret Their Relationship?

Bea Alonzo says she and Gerald Anderson is not yet a couple.

Bea said she and Gerald have been traveling together, and their California trip was the second one.

They also spent Halloween in Singapore but added that they’re with a group of friends.

This is partly the story, Gerald has been that young star once, one half of that widely popular Kimerald tandem with fellow Visayan Kim Chiu.

With zealous fans intent on seeing them exclusively for each other on screen and in real life, Gerald and Kim had to be careful not to divulge thoughts and feelings that would threaten their lucrative love team.

Gerald met Bea and they fell in love but since this is ‘Pinoy style’ in showbiz, Gerald can’t possibly lay eyes on another girl, and so they had to hide their romance for some months.

In the end, the industry pressure prevailed and Gerald had to split with his girlfriend, lest the mob, sympathetic to Kim follow through with their violent threats against Bea.

Now, as our teacher in history says ‘history always repeats itself,’ this is one of the reasons why these two people in love keep their alleged ‘romance’ secret?.