Rustom Padilla is Now Officially BB Gandanghari

The name and gender change documents of BB Gandanghari is now approved by a Los Angeles court.

As of Thursday, Rustom Padilla’s legal identity has been changed to Binibini Gandanghari, and her gender formally recognized as female.

Gandanghari filed her identity change request last August 2016 before the Orange County Courthouse.

In 2013, BB revealed she signs documents as BB Gandanghari but sometimes with an a.k.a. Rustom Padilla in her credit card, identification card, among others but now she can legally do so without mentioning her previous male identity.

BB is a former action star but decided to come out in 2006 at the ABS-CBN reality TV show, Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity edition.

She is the older sibling of actor Robin Padilla and younger sibling of Royette and Rommel Padilla, all of whom are actors.