Jeff Horn Believes He Has What It Takes to Beat the Still-Formidable ‘Pacman”

Manny Pacquiao is now in Australia to kick off a promotional tour for a fight against Jeff Horn at Lang Park on July 2.

Manny does not know much about Jeff, but he knows that he is fighter.

He has not watched Jeff’s fight yet but he’s going to get his last three fights and will watch it.

Manny’s message to him is ‘to work hard and he should make sure that he’s 100 per cent conditioned on July 2, so they can give a good fight and entertain people.’

Horn embarked on a professional boxing career and also became a school teacher.

He earned a Bachelor degree in Education on Health and Physical Education/Fitness from Griffith University, and taught part-time at Pallara State School.

He has spent the past couple of days telling Australian media outlets that he believes he has what it takes to beat the still-formidable ‘Pacman.’

Horn said that it’s a fight he can definitely win.

‘Manny is a lot shorter than him, and Horn fights well against guys who are shorter than him and who are coming forward, Horn explained.

Horn got youth on his side because Manny is 38 and Horn is only 28.

‘Manny got the experience, but he thinks he’s slipped a little bit. He’s still got very good movement and sills, but he has dropped form just slightly, and that means a lot at the top level,’ Horn added.