Sarah Geronimo is Motivated to Work Even Harder

Sarah Geronimo took a 2-month vacation earlier, her first ever break since she becomes a pop star.

Geronimo is back better and ever and now that she is fully-rested, she is motivated to work even harder.

She admitted that she almost lost her way before, and that her vacation has helped her realize her purpose in the industry.

She was at a stage where she wondered to what purpose, why does she do it, and what has been missing? Then she realized that you don’t work for others to please them. The main goal is to share whatever you have, what is given to you by God, Geronimo said.

At this time of her life, she would like to focus more on music and promote her previous album, because she didn’t get to promote it properly earlier. She was pitching for a movie, and a concert is still in its planning phase.

Geronimo’s coming concert, “The Great Unknown Live in Kia Theatre”, is set to be held this 29 November in the Araneta Center.

Kia Theater has a capacity of 2,385 seats. Going unplugged is perfect for a theater or concert venue of this size. This mini-concert might be a series and will tour nationwide.

Sarah’s last concert, ‘From the Top’ at Araneta Coliseum, was a year ago, December 2015. Her fans are all now excited to see the singer back on the stage again.