Mark Bautista is Winning Back Sarah Geronimo’s Heart Again?

Mark Bautista is allegedly trying to win back Sarah Geronimo’s heart again.

Mark is said to have done it in the past, but he did not not pursue his intention because of Sarah’s ‘strict’ parents.

Now that Sarah is of age, a chance is waiting for Mark Bautista.

It has been said that Mark is flattered when Sarah says that she and Mark can end up together in the end because Mark is persistent and he respects Sarah and her parents.

Sarah is starting to promote her movie, Catch Me…I’m In Love, together with Gerard Anderson and Matteo Guidicelli.

Mark Bautista is a singer, actor and commercial model. He’s a guest performer in GMA’s show, SOP every Sunday.

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  1. Mark B, you need to leave Sarah G alone. She respect you as a brother that’s it. I hate to be rood but, you need to look for a little older than her. You need to respect her wishes….she look a lot better with younger man like Gege…ha!ha!

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