Angel Locsin Goes Out with a Non-showbiz Guy

Angel Locsin is all smiles when she says that a ‘non-showbiz’ guy is inspiring her.

Locsin revealed in an interview, that she has been hanging out lately with a guy she does not want to identify.

The actress is still in the dating status but she makes sure to focus on that special someone and dedicate her time to him.

She said that whenever she dates, it’s exclusive.

She has never dated more than one guy at any specific period. There’s nothing like that.

When she focuses on one person, Locsin focuses on him only. And when the relationship doesn’t turn out okay, then she moves on.

Locsin strongly denied that she dated Niño Barbers, the son of former senator Robert Barbers.

The pair was sighted at the Cinemalaya 2016 premiere.

She felt ashamed that people made an issue out of him, when there’s none at all.

Locsin called it quits with actor Luis Manzano after a year of dating.

Manzano is now in a relationship with actress Jessy Mendiola.