Jake Ejercito is the Father of Ellie Eigenmann?

Max Eigenmann said that Jake Ejercito is the father of Andi Eigenmann’s daughter Ellie.

Max made a tongue’s slip when she unveiled the secret to host Mo Twister on ‘Good Times with Mo Twister.’

President Josep Ejercito’s son, Jake is indeed the biological father because they did a DNA test.

Both Andi and Jake are co-parenting and Jake always posts photos of his daughter.

On the other hand, it’s a big relief on the part of Albie Casiño, whose budding career was affected by the said issue.

Albie’s mom Rina had admitted that they knew about the truth but they only kept silent.

It was also the reason why Albie’s side was insisting on a DNA test before, just to bring out the truth but they could not do anything during that time.

But time has vindicated Albie, added Albie’s mother.

Albie thanked Max for settling the nagging issue.

Jake is still in Singapore where he is taking his M.A. in Marketing. He is also is smarting from a recent media war with Andi who dismissed him as a non-talent.

In one of Jake’s interviews, he is asked how does he treat Andi’s daughter and he answered that he treats her like his own.

Jake and Andi was a couple for four to five years but broke up two years ago.

Max also revealed that Andi has been going on steady with the younger brother of her [Max’s] surfer friend for almost a year now.)