Matteo Guidicelli is Pressured to Know that Sarah G Wants to Settle Down in 2018?

Matteo Guidicelli admits Sarah is already ‘The One,’ but he knows they still have their own dreams to fulfill.

Marriage is still out of the question, although he says that the time for it will come.

Matteo Guidicelli admits that when he knows that his girlfriend Sarah wants to get married in 2018, he feels pressured.

If and when that day comes, Matteo will be more than ready.

This is one of the reason why the actor-athlete opened an Italian restaurant ‘Trattoria de Gianni’ in Cebu, where he was born. He ventures into this business because when the day comes to settle down, he will be more than ready.

He and a partner also put up a production company called ‘Big Bang’ which specializes in concert videos.

He has another investment in Sun Life mutual funds, a financial guider that handles investment in order to get maximum returns for his money.

Matteo believes in getting professional help, be it for his finances or his chosen sport.

The 26-year-old Matteo started learning about the importance of saving and investing early on from his father.

When he started in showbiz 10 years ago, his dad was very strict about saving his money, he should not spend more than what he earned.

Up to this day, Matteo always follows his dad’s advice.