Bea Alonzo is not Rushing Things Between her and Gerald Anderson

Bea Alonso and Gerald Anderson became an item in 2010, but it was cut short due to people surrounding their relationship.

Lately, they have given the chance to work again closely on the movie “How to be Yours.”

However, Bea does not want to rush into a possible romance with Gerald. She is not rushing anything, when asked if she believes they have a chance to rekindle their romance. She still does not know and besides it is too early to say, she added.

Nevertheless, the Kapamilya actress does not deny that it feels “surreal” that people now say they look good together, while in the past it was the opposite.

Who would have ever thought that after 6 years, people say they look good together, the actress explained.

Although to her, it is weird that people are saying those things right now, she thinks that it is very interesting, she added.