Bodie Cruz Is All Set To Accept Sexy and Mature Roles

Bodie Cruz is all set and ready to accept sexy and mature roles.

Bodie has been known to have a ‘wholesome’ image. But according to Bodie, he’s not getting any younger.

It is part of his career move to do daring and challenging roles in Indie films and magazine.

He is also willing to pose for a magazine. If other actors can do it, he can do it too.

Bodie admires Iza Calzado’s talent in acting. Iza is good and if given the opportunity, he wants to work with Iza in a project. Iza is also Bodie’s showbiz’s crush.

Bodie’s last project was in GMA’s teleserye, Glazilda.

Elmo Jeremiah Cruz is Bodie’s real name. He is the son of Tirso Cruz III. And he is a housemate of Pinoy Big Brother.