Dayanara Torres Always Dreams about Joining Miss Universe

Dayanara Torres felt emotional as she recalled her life before she joined the Miss Universe pageant more than two decades ago.

Torres never thought she could join the international pageant because she was just a simple girl living in a rural area in Puerto Rico.

She always watches the shows and always dreams about it but she never really thought that it would be possible.

The situation in her family was tough. When somebody saw her, it was like a miracle, she said.

If it did not happen, she does not think her family was able to actually put her through that kind of experience.

Her family could not afford, though they wanted to, she added.

Torres won the competition and it eventually changed her life completely.

After Miss Universe, Dayanara experienced complete different lifestyle like she never had traveled before.

‘Miss Universe’ gave her everything, she said.

Aside from the pageant, Torres also considers her stint in the Philippines after her reign a ‘miracle.’

She won in Mexico City but when she finished, it could have been in any other country.

She was just lucky that it was held here in the Philippines.

She had all the opportunities, being in show business, she could never imagine because ending in the Philippines was pretty much a miracle’ she said.

Torres first visited the country in 1994 to crown her successor, Sushmita Sen (Miss India-Universe) in the Miss Universe pageant.

She went on to become a celebrity in the country, starring in TV shows and several movies but after five years, she had to leave the Philippines because of a contract obligation she had to fulfill.

She signed this contract with a company under Sony in Puerto Rico.

In Puerto Rico, she started her singing career, did her first album, it went great.

It was then that she met her husband, the father of her 2 sons.

When she had her first child, her life completely changed, she said.

Torres said she wanted to be there for her children every step of the way, especially after she and Marc Anthony got a divorce.

Nonetheless, the Puerto Rican beauty is more than happy to be back in the Philippines now, although it took her so long to do so.

When she left, she did not think she was not coming back and life happened, it took a different turn.

Now, she hopes she’ll be able to come back and forth so that wait would not be that long, she ended.