Willie Revillame May Soon Host A Variety Show?

Willie Revillame may soon play his role again as the favorite television variety show host.

This is if current rumors which are spreading now are true.

A certain network is planning to give Revillame a new show and executives from this network are already holding meetings.

The controversial host be given another show because advertisers are apparently clamoring to get Revillame to endorse their products.

In an interview, Revillame denied having any knowledge of any plan in giving him a new show.

However, he expressed that he is thankful if a network is indeed seriously considering to have him host a variety show.

Nonetheless, he said that if ever the plans will not push through, he would be okay with it.

Revillame seems to have an inkling that he is in demand with Filipinos here and abroad.

He is also happy to know that even outside the Philippines, people want his shows.