Maja Salvador Mends Ties With Kim Chiu

Kim Chiu expressed regret that her friendship with Maja Salvador went to waste a year ago.

This was after rumor of a blooming relationship between Salvador and Gerald Anderson.

Chiu and Anderson broke up in 2010 amid controversies surrounding their relationship.

But just recently, Chiu and Anderson reunited for a photo shoot of a product with they both endorse.

It was great and time would heal everything, Anderson said.

The actor was just really happy that they are now okay.

Salvador, on the other hand, has been vocal in her past interviews that she is still hoping to mend ties with Chiu.

In her past interviews, Chiu said she would rather not dwell on the negative things that happened in 2013.

Chiu also said that they will start the year with happiness and laughter when asked if she has already forgiven the people who have wronged her last year.