Sunshine Cruz No Longer Plans To Get Back To Cesar Montano

After Cesar Montano’s supposed affair with starlet Krista Miller, another woman is again being linked to the actor.

Sunshine Cruz speaks up on Cesar’s Montano’s ‘new woman.

According to a report, Montano is now being linked to Loven Canon.

This was after photographs of the two surfaced on the Internet, notably in the entertainment blog Fashion Pulis, which posted their photos.

Canon is a 22-year-old lady, who hails from Surigao and is listed as president of JCI Surigao Wensie.

Some websites have also reported that Montano is seriously courting Canon, who graduated with a Nursing degree.

Sunshine Cruz speaks up on Cesar’s Montano’s ‘new woman.

Cruz was interviewed about the latest woman to be linked to her ex-husband.

The actress said that with regard to Buboy, it is already none of her business because they are now living on their separate ways.

Whatever makes him happy, then she is happy for him, she added.

While they may be friends again, Cruz is no longer planning to get back with Montano, after the actor was linked to Miller, which led to the failure of their 12-year marriage.