Gerald Anderson Saves For the Future With Maja Salvador

On March 22 Anderson celebrated his 25th birthday with children from two charities that he is supporting.

The Cancer Warriors Foundation was his chosen charity back during his ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ days while it is in Cottolengo Filipino that he stayed during his preparation for the teleserye ‘Budoy.’

Gerald feels blessed that he was able to spend his special day with the children in the Avilon Zoo.

Meanwhile, the actor is currently in a relationship with Kapamilya artist Maja Salvador.

They have not spoken about getting married though since they are both focused on their work.

Right now, they are not thinking about raising a family together.

Gerald said that he needs to save for the future.
He and Maja still have so many dreams.

Gerald is sure that he will settle down and have children five years from now.

He wants to be friends with his children, so he does not want to have a huge age gap.

Gerald also shared he is happy that he and ex-girlfriend Kim Chiu are now okay.

Time heals everything and they are now able to be friends again.

They recently did a photoshoot together for an endorsement.

They are happy for each other, although he did not mention the icy relationship between Kim and Maja, who were former best friends.

Kim and Maja’s friendship stops when the latter becomes Gerald’s girlfriend.

Gerald is still open to working with Kim again, probably in the future.

They have so many fans and they deserve a project, he added.