It is Now Trillanes’ Turn to dergo a Drug Test

Davao City vice Mayor Paolo Duterte and his councilors were all cleared on the allegations that Paolo was a drug addict.

Vice Mayor Duterte accepted Senator Antonio Trillanes’ challenge to undergo a thorough drug test both urine and blood exams.

All their tests were conducted by Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).

Paolo together with the councilors undergone the more precised examinations available in Metro Manila to support his father’s campaign against illegal drugs.

He believes that having a drug test at PDEA is more strict and accurate as it detects people’s urine, blood and even hair follicles if one person is using illegal drugs or not.

Netizens are now wondering where is the result of the blood test of Trillanes after he challenged the vice mayor of Davao City to undergo the said test.

Did Trillanes also undergo the same tests?. He had been reported all over the social media on the allegations that he was a cocaine user, although these reports were still not properly validated but citizens wanted to see that Trillanes was not under the influence of drugs.