Kathryn Bernardo Celebrates Christmas Despite Viewing It As Pagan Tradition

Katryn Bernardo shared a photo of her and her family in their house in front of a big Christmas tree.

Bernardo greeted her fans ‘Merry Christmas,’ but received some bashing from netizens.

Kathryn is a member of Iglesia Ni Cristo and since they view Christmas as a pagan tradition and believes it to be a myth, they do not celebrate the said holiday.

Some netizens said Kathryn obviously knew celebrating Christmas and even putting up a Christmas tree is against her religion’s tradition and yet, she still decided to post a picture showing she violated that said doctrine.

They decided to celebrate Christmas because of a new member of their family, who they all consider to be a blessing.

She is the best present they have ever received, happy holidays everyone!

Her fans defended the actress and said people are quick to judge someone who just wants to enjoy the holidays with her family.

Kathryn currently stars in the Metro Manila Film Fest entry ‘Pagpag’ with her leading man, Daniel Padilla.