Toni Gonzaga Can Tie The Knot With Paul Soriano Anytime

Toni Gonzaga and Director Paul Soriano are not bound by anything.

Gonzaga and Soriano can get married anytime they want.

Toni said her contract with ABS-CBN does not prohibit her to get married, this was during the press conference of her television series, ‘Home Sweetie Home.’

Her parents had already given the idea that she will eventually settle down and start her own family sooner or later.

No one and nothing can stop them their plan of settling down.

For now, they are only waiting for God’s perfect time and the ball is really not on Toni’s court, it is with Paul, she said.

According to Toni, at first, she initially wanted to settle down in her mid-20s, but she just let everything take its natural course.

And then last 2008, 2009 and 2010, she told him not to propose on those years.

Toni always stop him from proposing but now it is up to him.

She no longer stops it and it is okay for her anytime Paul feels to make a proposal because the 29-year-old host is ready to settle down anytime now.

She has reached a point in which she can say, whatever life is going to offer her, she is going to take it.

When that time finally happens, that is something she is going to embrace wholeheartedly, Toni added.

The couple celebrated six Christmases together and this year, Toni said there will be no fancy gifts for each other.

She said they do not go for expensive presents because they prefer to invest their money to the more important stuff.

They do not go for material things and Toni feels good about it.

Paul said anyway, she does not need material things because there are things that she can also buy for herself.

Their secret is their commitment, loyalty and honesty for each other that is why their relationship lasts that far.

This 2014, the television host hopes to achieve a lot of things on a personal and professional level but she will lift everything to the Almighty and pray for His guidance.

She will just accept whatever the Lord is going to give or bless her.

Whatever He gives to her, she will work for it because His plan is better than anybody else.

She knows her parents, sister Alex Gonzaga and Soriano will always be there beside her.

Meanwhile, ‘Home Sweetie Home’ is an ABS-CBN’s comedy sitcom.

It stars Toni Gonzaga and John Lloyd Cruz. The cast also includes Sandy Andolong, Jason Gainza etc.

The show tackles a newly married couple’s lives and their ways to address the needs of a growing typical Filipino household.

It is set to air on January 5, 2014.