What is Pauleen Luna’s Secret Wish This Christmas?

Is a wedding proposal the secret wish of Pauleen Luna from Vic Sotto ?

Mula nang maging sila ni Vic Sotto, sinabi ni Pauleen Luna na itong Holiday season ang unang pagkakataon na matagal-tagal silang magkakawalay ng batikang TV host-actor.

Sa ‘Startalk TX’ nitong Sabado, sinabi ni Pauleen na sa Japan siya magdiriwang ng Pasko at Bagong Taon kasama ang kaniyang pamilya, pero hindi kasama si Vic.

Siguro, this is the longest will be away from each other, anang aktres.

Gayunman, masaya naman daw si Vic para sa kaniya at sa pamilya nito dahil ito ang unang pagkakataon na magtungo sila sa Japan.

Vic Sotto denied rumors that he has proposed to longtime girlfriend Pauleen Luna when he told the press that he will never hide any impending marriage from them.

Wala akong itatago, he promised reporters who swarmed around him before the presscon of his Metro Manila Filmfest ‘My Little Bossings’ started.

But he hinted that he is open to tying the knot and he can see himself as a husband in real life.

Vic is free to marry Pauleen any time because his wedding to Dina Bonnevie has long been annulled.

But Vic would rather talk about his movie, where he joined forces with Kris Aquino as producer.

Vic decided to retire his Enteng Kabisote character, a fixture in past Metro Filmfests, in favor of Torky Villanueva, a loner forced to take care of six-year-old Justin played by Bimby.

He wants to try something different this year Vic explains and that something different is a non-fantasy movie.

Kris came into the picture because Vic offered to cast her youngest son in the title role.

Kris knows her son would be in good hands. She is advised by friends and told her that Vic has a good track record of taking care of stars.

Aiza, who played Vic’s daughter in the Enteng Kabisote movie, is also in ‘My Little Bossings.’ This time though, she calls Vic ‘Uncle Torky.’

The two are not only long-time co-workers, they are friends as well.

Now, Vic is acting as career godfather again, this time to eight-year-old Ryzza, whom he cast as the street kid Ching in ‘My Little Bossings.’

‘Ryzza does not speak much English while Bimby does not speak much Tagalog.

‘My Little Bossings’ opens December 25 in theaters nationwide.