Matteo Guidicelli is Uncertain to Work With Sarah Geronimo?

Matteo Guidicelli is uncertain whether or not he would accept an offer to star alongside Sarah Geronimo in the latter’s own drama anthology, ‘Sarah G Presents,’ if given the chance.

In an interview, Guidicelli said his decision would depend on a lot of factors.

‘I don’t know. It really depends. If people will like it, it really depends. I can’t say yes or no. It really depends,’ he said.

Guidicelli and Geronimo have been romantically linked since the ‘Galema’ actor joined Geronimo on her US concert series in June.

This was followed by a report that Guidicelli was the only showbiz personality seen at Geronimo’s private birthday party in July.

It was also rumored early this month that Guidicelli flew to Cebu to watch the 10th anniversary concert of Geronimo at the Waterfront Hotel.

The actor, however, reiterated that he was only in Cebu for his family.

‘Nandun lang kao for family reasons. I had to be there for the weekend. Hindi kami nagkita, busy yata siya eh,’ he said.

Meanwhile, as the New Year approaches, Guidicelli said he is hoping that his fans would continue supporting ‘Galema’ and his other upcoming projects.

‘This year for me, sobrang blessing. Maraming nangyayari. No regrets. Lahat ng nangyari, sobrang masaya. Marami akong natutunan. I’m more excited for 2014,’ he said.

The second season of ‘The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition,’ where Guidicelli is one of the hosts, will air on ABS-CBN this January.