Rhian Ramos Says She Has Still a Special Feeling For KC Montero

After the whirlwind romance of the showbiz couple Rhian Ramos and KC Montero, the two of them decided to break up.

Ramos and Montero split up before the super typhoon Yolanda entered the country last November.

Despite that the couple ended their relationship, Rhian Ramos cannot denied that she has still a special feelings for KC Montero as she said, he always has a special place in her life and her heart.

Now, the two of them still remained as friends with no awkward moments and the Kapuso actress is not closing her door as well the future possibility with her ex-boyfriend to be her lifetime partner.

KC Montero and Rhian Ramos stayed on their relationship for one year and nine months.

The reason of their breakup according to Rhian Ramos, is she wanted to give break for herself first while waiting for her special someone and right man to come along which will be worthy for her love.

In regard with their break up status, a lot of netizens felt sad for what happened to the couple because they wanted KC Montero and Rhian Ramos to stay with each other.