Andi Eigenmann is Excited to Spend Holidays with Her Daughter

This holiday season, actress Andi Eigenmann is already excited to spend the days with her two-year-old daughter, Ellie.

This, Andi said, is the first Christmas Ellie might remember when she’s grown up already, so Andi wants it to be as special as possible.

Since she gave birth to Ellie, her holidays have become more meaningful and special, the actress said.

Despite what happened with Typhoon Yolanda, Andi said this is not a reason for the people not to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

She added that He must always represent light and hope for those who have been struggling in their lives.

We should believe that there will always be brighter days to come and we should never stop being thankful to Him.

Meanwhile, Andi said there’s still many things that will happen in her fantaserye, ‘Galema Anak ni Zuma,’ especially when it comes to her and Morgan played by Matteo Guidicelli.