Why Dawn Zulueta Rejects Movie with Richard Gomez?

After saying that she and Richard Gomez are deferring a planned comeback movie, Dawn Zulueta has admitted that she was the party who rejected the planned film.

The revelation was made by Zulueta in an interview with ABS-CBN on Tuesday night, the news organization reveals in a report.

Even though it is a nice project and that the planned movie has a very great story, Zulueta said that she feels this is not the right movie for her and Richard as their comeback project as a love team.

The actress said that the movie would have been a wonderful project since it has a great director and a wonderful cast.

However, she said she wants more suited material for what would be the comeback movie for the Richard-Dawn love team.

Both actors were part of a very successful love team in the past.

Since it is their comeback movie as a love team, she felt that perhaps, they will wait for another kind of material instead.

That is the only reason why she turned down the project, she told ABS-CBN News.

Asked whether Barretto replaced her, she tersely replied yes, before saying that this is fine since anyone could have gotten the role after she rejected it.

She further expressed she has faith in Barretto and those who will be making the film saying, she is sure they are going to do fine.

Each character in the role is very interesting to portray, so they should be just fine.

Zulueta’s confirmation that she rejected the movie goes against what Gomez said in October that the project with Barretto is not the film originally meant for him and Zulueta.

Meanwhile, Dawn and Richard as still set to star in ‘You’re My Home’, a television drama series to be made and shown by ABS-CBN.

Both actors are under contract with the Kapamilya Network.