Companies Still Continue to Tap Anne Curtis As Endorser Despite Slapping Incident

The controversy hounding top celebrity endorser Anne Curtis is unlikely to sully the brands that have hitched on to her popularity to make a sale, according to marketing experts.

The Aussie-Filipina actress and host of ABS-CBN’s Showtime was reported to have gone on the edge while hosting a bachelorette party for a friend at the Prive Luxury Club at The Fort Strip in Bonifacio Global City last November 23.

Emerging from the bar’s rest room, an intoxicated Curtis allegedly slapped and threw invectives at a number of people, including fellow Kapamilya actor John Lloyd Cruz.

Curtis has since publicly apologized for her meltdown.

A professor from Asian Institute of Management said that the brands that Curtis endorse will emerge from the controversy unscathed for the following reasons:

-Some people believe that her actions were justified;

-Curtis’ apology would appease even those who believe she had acted excessively; and

-The incident caused no significant or long-term damage to anyone, since Curtis’ indiscretion was an instance of poor judgment under the influence of alcohol.

The Smart Communications Inc will continue tapping Curtis as endorser even after the incident.

There is no change because apologies have been made and accepted, Smart spokesperson said.

Other brands that Curtis endorse include Belo, Argentina canned meat products, Avon, Ginebra San Miguel, SM Development Corp, San Miguel Coffee, PSBank, Cherry Mobile, Primadona, Palmolive, Lactacyd and Olay, among others.

In a survey done by Nielsen Media in 2011, Curtis was rated one of the top celebrity endorsers in the Philippines.

Curtis has 5.7 million followers on Twitter.

They should continue using her as an endorser as the long-term benefits of her star power outweigh the short-term complications brought about by the incident.

Filipinos tend to be very forgiving and understanding so there is no adverse damage to the brands.

The positive images people see of her still far outweigh the negative publicity.

But if a pattern of poor behavior and judgment emerge over a series of incidents, then brand managers may have to reconsider, adding that the behavior of the endorser is very critical for any brand.

The basic logic is to use the endorser’s personality to explain the brand’s desired personality.

However, bad behavior by itself is not a deterrent, he said.

But as long as she has strong star power, brands will continue to be interested in her.

In short, the formula for successful brand endorsement is a relatively strong star power and a clear personality, not necessarily a squeaky clean one.

The celebrity endorsers are valuable in creating awareness of the product.