Melanie Marquez Sustains a Fractured Spine When Her Car Falls Into a Ravine

US-based actress and 1979 Miss International Melanie Marquez survived a horrific accident when her car fell into a ravine 12 foot deep in Arizona last December 8.

Melanie’s daughter Maxine Bumgardner posted details of the accident on her Facebook page along with a collage of photos of Melanie in her hospital bed and the crashed car revealing the damages it sustained.

Bumgardner did not post any other details and updates since then.

But Jullie Lopez, a Filipina who is also based in the US, told InterAksyon Wednesday (Thursday, Manila time) that she was surprised to see Marquez in the same hospital in Utah where her husband is currently confined.

As narrated by Lopez based on her conversation with the former beauty queen herself, Arline is Melanie’s Filipina best friend who, along with her mother and Melanie‚Äôs 13-year old son Adam, was also in the car when the accident happened.

Lopez said Melanie gave a detailed account of the accident.

The ravine was 12 feet high pero nakuha pa ni Melanie na lumabas ng car at gumapang paakyat sa hill na para daw may anghel na bumuhat sa kanya.

Kailangan niya umakyat kasi walang signal ang cellphone niya kasi nga parang nasa balon sila, Lopez said in recalling the actress’ account of the incident.

Buti nahagilap ni Melanie yung phone niya kung hindi, walang makakakita sa kanila.

Nung nakaakyat na siya at nagka-signal na yung phone, tinawagan niya agad si Maxine at through GPS, na-locate sila ng ambulance.

Dahil sa aksidente, nagkaroon ng bali si Melanie sa likod.

They hit black ice and slid into a cement canal and his brother Adam was with them and walked out with only a couple bruises.

They are also all so lucky that they are still alive because things could have gone so much worst than it did.

Meanwhile, Miss Marquez was the 1979 Miss International.