Claudine Barretto & Marjorie Barreto Have Finally Decided to Kiss & Make Up?

The Barrettos have been quiet for several days now.

During the period of silence, it seems that many things went on.

While Gretchen Barretto remains in London to be with her daughter Dominique who has decided to stay there temporarily, her sisters seem to be catching and making up.

There are unfounded reports that are circulating in the showbiz industry that Claudine Barretto and Marjorie Barretto have finally decided to kiss and make up.

There is no confirmation yet, but some insiders are not surprised.

In fact, some others have been expecting this to happen.

What seemed to be the trigger to that reconciliation was Claudine’s gesture of humility in the past weeks.

She was interviewed by several media crew as she appealed to Marjorie to give her a chance by talking.

Marjorie had remained elusive from the media to talk about that.

But she created an impression at first that she was not interested.

Did Marjorie and Claudine actually talk?

If that really happened, then, chances are greater that there is truth to the rumors that the estranged sisters are now seeing eye to eye.

Claudine showed her determination to patch things up with Marjorie.

The press asked Julia Barretto about it during one of the press conferences given to her as the lead star of the upcoming soap opera ‘Mirabella.’

Interestingly, Julia seemed really surprised and baffled upon hearing a question about that subject.

Many showbiz reporters in that event noticed that Julia was really clueless about that report.

So, did Claudine and Marjorie really reconcile?

Julia could not confirm or deny it, however, she said she would be very happy if that report is true.

Julia even asserted that if that was true, it would be a very good gift to the entire Barretto clan and that could be the best Christmas gift to her and to her family.

Claudine and Marjorie are not the type who would divulge sensitive information to just about anyone else.

Julia and her cousins have indicated that they are still hoping to make the dream happen.

If Claudine and Marjorie really reconciled, for sure it would be alright to them.

But Julia knows that her aunt Gretchen may not easily kiss and make up with estranged sister Claudine.