What Makes Bea Alonzo & Zanjoe Marudo Extra Sweet With Each Other

The topic of celebrity breakups was brought up when the press asked Bea Alonzo what makes her relationship with Zanjoe Marudo ‘spotless.’

Earlier this month, Derek Ramsay and Cristine Reyes ended their month-long relationship.

Luis Manzano and Jennylyn Mercado split last week.

Early this week, reports circulated that Angel Locsin and Phil Younghusband called it quits as well.

Bea admits she hardly saw Zanjoe for two months while she was shooting for a movie ‘He’s the One,’ but the 25-year-old believes their time away from each other actually helped strengthen their relationship.

It makes them extra sweet with each other because Zanjoe always misses her.

Their busy schedules help strengthen their relationship.

It also helped, Bea added, that they are both secure with their relationship.

He trusts Bea enough na hindi ko siya lolokohin and also to him.

Hindi sila nagsasawang i-reassure every single day, she shared.

In a previous interview, Zanjoe admitted he is ready to be a father, although Bea is not ready yet.