Kaye Abad Has Difficulties Portraying an Antagonist Role in ‘Annaliza’

An emotional Kaye Abad, at one point, almost gave up her role in the primetime series ‘Annaliza.’

After filming a scene, the 31-year-old actress broke down in tears, saying she could no longer bear hurting child star Andrea Brillantes, who portrays the title role.

This was Abad’s candid sharing during an interview on the late-night newscast ‘Bandila’ where she related the difficulties of taking on an antagonist role.

Referring to her 10-year-old co-star, Abad said, they have one scene na sobrang sinaktan niya yong bata.

After, tumalikod siya at nag-break down. Umiyak siya, sabi niya ‘Ayoko na, ayoko na.’

As Stella in ‘Annaliza,’ Abad is seen as the ‘kontrabida’ bent on depriving her step-daughter, Annaliza (Brillantes), of the love of her real parents.

Driven by revenge on Lazaro (Patrick Garcia), the man who denied fathering her child, Abad as Stella pours her long-kept rage on his wife, Isabel (Denise Laurel), and Annaliza, his long-lost daughter.

ABS-CBN’s ‘Annaliza’ hits new all-time high rating.

Meanwhile, Kaye 31, is nowhere near settling down with her boyfriend, actor Guji Lorenzana.

The Annaliza actress says she is still enjoying the the unmarried civil status and is not ready to be tied down.