Dawn Zulueta is Paired With Richard Gomez Again in a TV Series

When the love team of Dawn Zulueta and Richard Gomez was revived in 2012 in ABS-CBN’s drama series ‘Walang Hanggan,’ their tandem was an instant hit.

When the teleserye ended, there were talks that the two actors will team up again for a film this year, but it did not push through.

Dawn said there was supposed to be a project and her part would have been perfect.

However, she explained that she and Richard were waiting for the right project that would really fit for their love team.

The actress has no problem for the material but she feels that after 20 years, perhaps there is another piece of material na mas babagay para sa kanila ni Richard.

With the possible team-up in silver screen down the drain, Dawn still has good news to the love team’s fans who have been very excited for their comeback.

Dawn Zulueta is Paired With Richard Gomez Again in a TV Series

She announced that she will be paired with Richard again in a teleserye.

Though she refused to give details about their upcoming project, she just said that it is ‘heavy drama’ and they will be joined by Shaina Magdayao, Iza Calzado, and Cherri Pie Picache.

Aside from their upcoming teleserye, Dawn said she will be working with Richard as well in the film ‘Ang Sugo: The Last Messanger,’ which is about the history of Iglesia Ni Cristo.

She said that Richard will be playing the role of Ka Felix Manalo and she would be his wife, Honorata Manalo.

Dawn, however, said that this is not actually their love team’s movie comeback.

‘Sugo is bigger than that,’ she said and it is the 100th year anniversary of Iglesia Ni Cristo.

So it is not about her and Richard, for her it is about the INC.

And it is a big cast and is an all-star cast, it is an epic film.

She does not consider it as a comeback of a love team, no.

Please, let us not veer away the attention on what it is really about, which is the history of Iglesia Ni Cristo, she said.