John Lloyd Cruz Remains Silent on the Issue of Slapping

Phoemela Baranda denied reports that actress Anne Curtis pointed finger at her and uttered the now infamous line ‘I can buy you, your friends, and this club.’

Baranda refuted earlier claims made by Circuit Magazine editor and publisher JR Isaac that she was one of the receiving ends of the actress’ ire at a luxury club in The Fort, Taguig City.

According to Isaac, Anne was very mad upon exiting the bar’s toilet and suddenly slapped him, a certain Leah de Guzman and Kapamilya actor John Lloyd Cruz.

He added that the actress called John Lloyd an addict and told Phoemela with the earlier mentioned infamous line.

Phoemela, meanwhile, said that Anne never said those words to her and no finger-pointing took place in the wee hours of November 23.

The model continued that that the star did not call her names.

Baranda added that Anne said something to her but prefer not to divulge it to the public.

She said the actress was frustrated over the actions of other individuals present that night.

Baranda is not in the position to tell the story because she was on the other side of the VIP area.

Baranda believes the real story was misinterpreted when passed from one person to another.

She reiterated that Anne immediately apologized after the incident and they have no issues with each other.

As far as Anne and Phoemela are concerned, they harbor no ill feelings toward each other and have put this incident behind them.

She hopes that the public will do the same, the model said in a two-part official statement she posted on Instagram, which was later on deleted.

Anne, on her part, thanked Baranda minutes after the interview for clarifying her side of the story while John Lloyd, who was said to be slapped by Anne, remains silent on the issue.