Boots Anson-Roa Plans to Marry Francisco Rodrigo Jr.

According to a report from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Boots Anson-
roa whose real name is Maria Elisa Cristobal Anson, is now the fiancée of Atty. Francisco Rodrigo Jr.

Anson-Roa, who will celebrate her 69th birthday on January 20, 2014, plans to marry Rodrigo on June 14, 2014.

Boots does not prefer to think of this newest development in her life as fate, she likes to think of it as providence.

People call it serendipity or fate, but I think it is providence, the actress said, reports ABS-CBN News.

She also shared that this is the first time she has been engaged as she was never engaged to Pete Roa, her husband who succumbed to cancer in 2007.

Tanan sila ni Pete, so wala silang engagement ring at hindi rin siya nakaranas ng formal wedding,” Anson-Roa shared.

Pete was her co-host in the 60s series Dance-o-Rama and the two married when Boots was 19.

She has 4 children and 9 grandchildren with Pete.

Francisco is a former consul general of the Philippines in the US and is a founding partner of the Rodrigo Berenguer & Guno law firm.

He was a classmate of Pete Roa during their high school years.

The former wife of Francisco has also passed away.

Given that both Anson-Roa and Francisco have spouses who have passed away, the two revealed they went to the graves of their former partners before they got engaged.

The two seem sweeter than ever as ABS-CBN News reports Rodrigo saying, as he has been telling her in all that courtship, he loves her.

Rodrigo reportedly courted Anson-Roa for a year.

The actress replied, madalas siyang nag-a-‘I love you’. Ngayon, and she sincerely means it, she thanks him for his love.

The couple plan to do the formal and traditional ‘pamamanhikan’ on Roa’s birthday next year.