Aga Muhlach’s Life is Perfected by His Wife Charlene Gonzalez

Aga Muhlach proves himself to be a capable game show host of ‘Let’s Ask Pilipinas.’

Muhlach cannot ask for anything more right now as both his career and his personal life are both doing very well.

He is sometimes flirting with some of the contestants in the show.

His wife Charlene Gonzales does not get jealous because she knows it’s just part of his job para maging mas masaya ang show, he says.

The actor’s life is perfect now because of her.

Charlene is kind, supportive and he loves her so much, so he has no reason to look for another.

She is not only a good wife and partner to him but a great and caring mother to their two kids.

He is already contented with his workload and he really wants to spend more time with his family, especially now that their two kids are fast growing up.

He does not want to be an absentee father.