Angel Locsin Has Gone Through Many Break-ups

Angel Locsin shrugged off rumors saying that money was the root of her break-up with ex-boyfriend Phil Younghusband.

reason for her recent breakup with Azkals team captain Phil Younghusband.

She was actually surprised that such an issue is arising.

Angel sometimes does not even know what is going on in her own life.

She is surprised social media has more information about her than herself.

They never talked about money, Angel said, referring to Phil, so it is impossible that finances are the root of their problems when they were still in a relationship.

What Angel did admit is that time became a problem to them.

At first, they thought time will be advantageous to them but later on, they realized it wasn’t just the same.

She also reacted to news that Phil is now seeing KC Concepcion.

The daughter of Megastar Sharon Cuneta was apparently Phil’s first showbiz crush when he arrived in the Philippines.

Angel does not want to comment about it since it is between Phil and KC already.

If it is true, then she will only wish the best for Phil.

She wants her ex-boyfriend to be happy as well.

However, Angel admitted Phil apparently moved on a tad too early for her taste.

But she does not hold anything against the Azkals player or even against KC.

She also does not ask Phil about the said issue.

She and Phil still talk at times, but they make sure they do not bump into each other because it would make the moving on process more difficult.

Meanwhile, Angel also reacted to reports that she and ex-boyfriend Luis Manzano may be the one for each other since the TV host just broke up with Kapuso actress Jennylyn Mercado.

The award-winning actress just laughed this off and said she respects Luis too much to comment on whatever suffering he is going through.

The truth it, she and the TV host are still friends though they admittedly do not talk to each other.

She said both Luis and Phil are good people, and she only wants the best for them.

Angel added she has no choice but to move on from what happened in her life.

It may be hard at first, but that is how she will learn her lesson.

Now that she’s more mature, it was easier for the actress to cope with a breakup.

She said she can handle it more maturely now unlike before.

Angel has gone through many heartbreaks but always, there is a lesson to be learned.

She said that she is still hopeful she will find the person who is meant for her.

But this is not her priority right now, when it comes, it will come.

Her priority now is her work.