Why Joey Marquez Chooses to Give Up Basketball Career For Showbiz

In the ’80s, Joey Marquez had a seven-year career in basketball before joining the long-running sitcom ‘Palibhasa Lalake.’

In an interview on ‘Tapatan ni Tunying’ aired Thursday, the actor related why he chose to give up a place in the PBA for a start in the entertainment industry.

In the Star Cinema and Reality Entertainment co-production, Marquez plays policeman Joaquin Acosta, who is assigned on the trail of inmates temporarily released from prison to become contract killers.

Marquez, who rose to fame in the late ’80s as a mainstay of the ABS-CBN sitcom ‘Palibhasa Lalake,’ said he was surprised to be tapped to join ‘OTJ’ considering his track record as a comedian.

When he read the script and he could not imagine himself being part of the movie because he is a comedian.

Nowhere in the script can he find that fit in until Direk told him to be playing the policeman.

Matti said he personally chose the cast members of ‘OTJ,’ which include Joel Torre and Gerald Anderson as for-hire assassins, and Piolo Pascual as an NBI agent working with Marquez.

While his co-stars were already accustomed to the serious tone of ‘OTJ,’ Marquez said getting into his role required some amount of motivation.

Crediting Matti for his take on the character, the comedian said, ‘The thing he would like to relate is how Direk motivated him.

Now he believes na kahit hindi ka pala magaling na artista, pag magaling ang direktor mo, mata-transform ka na.

He gives so much faith and trust in Direk and he is thanking him for trust he gives to Joey.

Explaining his decision to pick Marquez to play Joaquin, Matti brought up the comedian’s ‘charm’ on-screen despite being cast in a film described by the director as a conspiracy thriller.

Everyone thinks he is just a comedian but the one that attracted the director is that Joey is an obnoxious person.

Admittedly pressured to level with the performance of his co-stars, who are relatively more experienced in doing drama, Marquez added, he tried to do hid best.

He tried to contribute in his own little way to come up with a good movie.