Sam Milby is Not Threatened that Jessy Mendiola is Being Courted By Jake Cuenca

Actor Sam Milby is not threatened by reports that Jessy Mendiola is being courted by her ‘Maria Mercedes’ co-star Jake Cuenca.

Both men expressed their interest in Jessy but failed to disclose whether they already went out with the actress.

Sam said they have different ways of letting Jessy feel she is special and at the end of the day, Jessy will be the one to decide on this matter.

They all have different ways of making ‘ligaw’ and whoever she chooses, she chooses.

If it does not work out, then maybe they are better off as friends.

He is sure kung sino ang pinaka mag-effort that says a lot din, said Sam.

The actor stressed that it is only normal for guys to be attracted to Jessy because she is always seen on television and this kind of thing is part of the entertainment business.

Sam said, Jessy is gorgeous and she is in showbiz so there are so many guys who will find her attractive and will have interest in her.

It is always going to be like that, he added.

But aside from the looks of the actress, Sam said he is more drawn to Jessy’s personality.

They share the same interest in food and off-cam activities.

The first thing that attracted him to her is that he finds her very simple in a good way.

She does not need to wear make-up all the time.

She is sporty and she is young.

He sees how she takes care of her family also.

She’s matured faster than the normal 20-year-old, the actor said.

Although they share a lot of things in common, Sam clarified that they are still in the ‘getting-to-know-you’ stage and it is too early to tell if things will end up good between them.

The actor then disclosed that in the last two months, he only seen Jessy twice due to their busy schedules, him doing ‘Kimi Dora’ while Jessy is filming ‘Call Center Girl’ and ‘Maria Mercedes.’

Sam said, they are very much in the getting to know each other stage.

It is still very early but definitely they getting to know each other.

He does not want to be a hindrance when it comes to work.

He knows that is her priority but he is happy that although she is busy, they still get in touch and send text messages to each other, he said.

Sam said their utmost priority remains to be their respective careers in showbiz.