Pres Aquino Denies Govt. is Out to Harass Manny Pacquiao

President Aquino denied that the government is out to harass boxing superstar and Sarangani Representative Manny Pacquiao.

There is now an alleged reported order from the Bureau of Internal Revenue to freeze his assets.

Aquino said Pacquiao has nothing to worry about if he has complied with the relevant tax rules and laws.

The President understands that the accounts total P1.1 million. What is that compared to all of his winnings?

The end to all of these and with all due respect to Congressman Pacquiao, if he believes that he has complied with all the necessary rules and all the necessary laws, surely he has all the evidence to afford, Aquino said.

Aquino defended the BIR, saying that its queries to Pacquiao are legitimate and were done as early as two years ago.

He also described Pacquiao’s non response as cavalier.

The BIR has been asking Pacquiao to submit original proof that he had paid his taxes in the US.

The issue of BIR is he was being asked two years ago and medyo parang, ang pagkaintindi ko, cavalier—‘yung hindi nagre-respond to legitimate summonses by the BIR, Aquino said.

So he earns abroad. He pays taxes there. Yung tax rate nila at tax rate natin magkaiba yata.

Pnoy’s understanding— although he is not an expert on the Internal Revenue Code—but the bottom line is the difference ng tax rate natin at tax rate doon still has to be made up.

Aquino urged Pacquiao to respond the to BIR through the process and not to engage in a media war.

If he did right, then Aquino is sure he will be able to prove that he did right, and therefore there is no issue.

So the way to settle it is to answer all of these queries by the BIR and not to engage in a media war.

The media will not decide who is right or wrong.

It will be our courts eventually, if it gets to that, who will decide.

But, again, the process has been two years.