Richard Gutierrez Does Not Renew Contract with GMA Because of Sarah Lahbati?

Dingdong Dantes is proclaimed as the Kapuso Network’s Primetime King, where does this place his erstwhile rival Richard Gutierrez?

When Richard Gutierrez guested in his twin brother’s new show on TV5, ‘Showbiz Police’ he revealed that as early as March, in a meeting with GMA7 executives, he already told them that he will not renew his contract with them.

Gutierrez added that he will always be grateful to the Kapuso Network for the 11 years he spent with them and all the projects he did with them.

But he felt it is time to move on and the question is where?

Since Raymond and Ruffa are both with TV5, there is a big possibility he will also be moving there, but Richard says he is not ready to reveal his new career plans yet.

He said he could very well just go to America and study there but he does not want to leave the country and the fans who continue to support him here.

As a freelancer, he also wants to try producing his own projects.

Richard should plan his next moves really well, especially now that his career is in a state of flux.

Many people feel that his current girlfriend is more like an albatross on his neck.

His girlfriend Sarah Lahbati maybe the main reason why Richard chose not to renew his contract with GMA.

Richard said he will continue to be by Sarah’s side and support her with what she is currently going through.

People admire Richard’s faithfulness to his inamorata and wish her legal troubles will soon be resolved so that they can both move on in their respective careers.