Robin Padilla is Dismayed About Kylie Padilla’s TV Series

It is not surprising if Robin Padilla reveals his insights and observations about the first ever primetime series of his daughter Kylie Padilla.

Kylie is currently the lead star of the fantaseries ‘Adarna,’ airing weeknights at GMA-7’s Telebabad primetime block.

But many could still not help but make reactions upon hearing that Robin is dismayed about the TV show.

We could expect Robin to feel that way as he himself has the superstar complex.

But this time, he has aired his disappointment because the series failed to show his cameo appearance on Wednesday last week.

By now, we know that Robin volunteered to be part of the show.

But since GMA-7 does not want to make him part of the regular cast, they agreed to give him a special guest appearance.

He appeared on the show as the father of ‘Ada,’ Kylie’s character.

Apparently, he was advised to watch the show last Wednesday for his guest appearance.

But as the episode ended, Robin was dismayed because he did not see himself on the show.

It turned out that GMA-7 decided to air his appearance on the succeeding days.

But in the end, as a father, Robin admitted that he could not be more grateful to GMA-7. He said he appreciates the network’s efforts to give her daughter an important and good project like this one.

Robin reiterated that his daughter has waited so long to have this kind of show.

The proud father revealed that since she was a child, Kylie has always wanted to play the role of a half-human-half-bird character.

Robin is happy that GMA-7 made that dream possible.

But Robin did not mention his opinion about the burden that has been given to Kylie as the lead actress of the project.

‘Adarna’ could make or break Kylie’s showbiz career because if the show becomes successful, Kylie could rest assured that she would have succeeding important projects on the primetime block.

But the risk is that if it fails to heat up the ratings game, it may spell the doom of her TV career.

Unfortunately, as the initial ratings of the show indicate, ‘Adarna’ has been failing to generate viewers’ interest since its pilot episode.

In fact, on its first day, the show generated ratings of around 16% to 18% based on data from AGB-Nielsen while its rival show, ABS-CBN’s ‘Honesto’ generated impressive ratings of around 25% on that date.

This may bring about trouble to Kylie and the rest of the show.

It should also be noted that Geoff Eigenmann is playing as her leading man.

For quite some time now, Geoff has been failing to appear in any show that is heating up the ratings.

He could eventually be blamed for Adarna’s dismal performance.