Freddie Aguilar’s Marriage in Muslim Rites Will Not Absolve Him From Charges

The lawyer accusing singer Freddie Aguilar of child abuse said he had been receiving death threats on his mobile and office phones.

The complaint against the 60-year-old folk singer was filed before the Quezon City Prosecutor’s office by Fernando Perito, who said he was a member of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines and had the obligation to do what was right and prevent wrongs.

Perito said the threats came after he pressed charges against the 60-year-old Aguilar over his controversial relationship with a 16-year-old girl from Oriental Mindoro province.

He was not taking the threats lightly but that he was also not withdrawing the charges.

At first, he said, he did not wish to destroy Aguilar’s reputation since he looked up to him as someone who espoused patriotism and care for women and children through his songs.

The lawyer sued the singer for child abuse, amending the complaint for qualified seduction he filed last month in the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office.

Joining him in the revised charge were two more complainants, Peter Sesbreno and Chistine Joy Bangalisan, both of Quezon City.

Drawing flak in the social media after news of the relationship broke out in September, Aguilar and the girl recently converted to Islam and got married Friday in Buluan, Maguindanao province.

Perito said Aguilar showed disrespect for the rule of law and insulted Catholics when he started a romance with a minor 44 years his junior.

Marrying the girl in Muslim rites would not absolve Aguilar from the charges filed in Quezon City, the lawyer argued.