Melai Cantiveros Reminds Angelica Panganiban Not to Judge Jason Francisco

Melai Cantiveros admits she feels displeased by her ‘Banana Split’ family because they underestimated her fiance Jason Francisco’s ability to build a family with her.

Melai said she understands they are only concerned for their welfare, but added that they should have just personally told them of their misgivings.

The ‘crack’ in the ‘Banana Split”‘family first started when Pooh and Angelica Panganiban guested on ‘Kris TV’ wherein, together with the host, they aired their misgivings about Melai’s decision to settle down with Jason.

Melai said it is only understandable that she will feel this way since she’s also pregnant, making her more sensitive about such issues.

Melai said she sent a text message with to her ‘Twinny’ Angelica about the issue.

She asked for understanding from the actress since she is pregnant.

She also sent a message to Alex Gonzaga, who she grew close with her in the show.

Angelica, however, did not reply anymore because the actress was the one who sent her message first and asked her if she was displeased by her comment.

Asked about why members of the ‘Banana Split’ were not invited to their wedding, the comedienne explained it was an issue of timing.

The fact is, they were not just given the invitation just yet since the schedule was to send the invitations to the Star Magic family first.

Zanjoe Marudo’s invitation already arrived since he is part of the talent house.

In fact, Melai said they have just given the invitation to Boy Abunda.

Jason, on the other hand, delivered personally the invitation to Ryan Bang.

He then asked Ryan to just give the invitations to their ‘Banana Split’ family.

Melai originally wanted her PA to personally deliver the invitations.

Meanwhile, Jason explained his current relationship with John Prats, who he had an altercation with in March of this year.

It can be remembered that Jason punched John during a taping of ‘Banana Split.’

Jason said he already reached out to John, but to no avail.

He is hoping they can finally talk again especially since Christmas is just around the corner.

This is also probably the reason why Angelica distanced herself from Jason.

Angelica and John are best friends.

Jason said he already apologized for what happened, and he hopes they can move on from it already.

What he learns from that ordeal is to keep his cool and learn how to talk and not use his fist.

Melai is asked to describe each other in one word, Melai said Jason is responsible while the comedian said Melai is a blessing to him.