Judy Ann Santos is Pregnant?

Ryan Agoncillo said they haven’t had an appointment with a doctor yet, so they don’t want to announce a premature celebration.

Once they are sure that she is pregnant, the TV host said they will immediately announce it to the public.

This time, nothing is final yet in rumors that Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo is pregnant with hers and husband Ryan’s third child.

Ryan has openly spoken about his and Judy Ann’s plans to have another baby since their youngest, Lucho, has already grown up. Even Lucho is ready to have a baby brother, the TV host said.

What they need to do now is to make sure Judy Ann has a lot of rest since her condition may be delicate.

For a while, Ryan said he and his wife subscribed to birth control because they want to focus on Lucho first. But now that Lucho is grown up, it is time for them to start having another baby.

Even though it’s not conclusive yet, Ryan is hoping Judy Ann is really pregnant.

The TV host joked around when asked about rumors that Judy Ann’s tapings for ‘Bet On Your Baby’ packed up early a couple of times because the actress had to take to the bed.

He said they may want to make sure the game show is up to par since it will compete against his own, ‘Picture! Picture!’ Ryan’s and Judy Ann’s timeslots will overlap.

He denied Judy Ann had to have a bedrest, but merely a more relaxing time.

She is also busy with taking care of their children since both Yohan and Lucho are going to school already.

Ryan appealed to the public not to speculate about the pregnancy, but to just wait for their official announcement.

When asked how they keep the fire burning, Ryan said they still go out on dates, spend quality time with just the two of them and share new interests to each other.

The fire is raging. It’s really a team effort. Of course it’s not all rosy and he is not going to pretend that it’s perfect, but he is happy that whatever is there.

With two kids, Yohan and Lucho, and numerous shows on their respective plates, Ryan share they still want to expand their brood.

His youngest child is asking for a baby brother.