Lea Salonga is Just Waiting For Aga Muhlach to Lose Weight

It seems that the fans of Lea Salonga and Aga Muhlach would have to wait a few more months before they could finally see the two together again on the big screen.

Salonga said she is just waiting for Muhlach to lose some more weight before they start working on their reunion project.

He needs to lose 20 more pounds while Lea is looking good in skinny jeans now and doing her share and her trainer is really motivated.

He is like, ‘Go sige pa’ because they have a project and Aga should look amazing by summer.

Back in July, Salonga revealed that there have been talks about a possible reunion movie for the two of them.

She, however, said both of them have decided to look physically ready first before jumping into the project.

The ball is in his court, it is always in his court. Let us see how much more he can go. Napapansin na parang medyo he is losing weight na so let’s hope for some more, Salonga said.

Reiterating that Muhlach is her favorite leading man, the acclaimed singer said: Not Piolo, not Sam, not John Lloyd, not anybody. Sorry, it is really him. When he looks his best, he is untouchable.

Muhlach and Salonga starred in two movies in the 1990s – Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal and Sana Maulit Muli.

In a previous interview, Salonga said she only wants to be paired with Muhlach because she is already comfortable working with the actor.

She makes movies as in once every 17 years. She does not make movies very often so she wants to be with people that she is already comfortable with.

There are certain risks that she’d like to take when she performs live.

But when she does a film, she’d like to stay with a team na nakasanayan na niya, she said.

The Tony Award-winner also noted that she and Muhlach have a certain chemistry, which makes their working environment light.